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"i absolutely loved every moment of this experience! hope to do it again."

"loved it and I learned so much this weekend!"

"I cannot put into words my gratitude and love for the vision of this convention and the ability to be able to partake"

"getting to learn and grow from others my age and younger was so awesome. I am inspired by every one of the faculty and just had such an eyeopening and beautiful time."

"One of the best experiences I’ve had I would love to take more classes from journey"

"Thank you for making a convention accessible for everyone no matter where they are or what skill level they have. Journey has made me a better dancer and I learned so much!"

"Getting to train with all the faculty, learning more about myself as a dancer, getting individualized feedback and support, as well as the community aspect. Despite being online, I felt very connected with everyone and just loved all aspects of the weekend."

"It was an awesome dance weekend, learned a lot and had a lot of fun"

"My weekend was great! I loved Journey dance convention! You are doing everything right, and I had an awesome experience! Thank you for creating something wonderful!"

"​I love what you are doing with a full teen faculty, it is giving younger dancers opportunities which is just so amazing."

"My least favorite part is that the weekend had to end because I love journey convention"

"This was such a fun way to spend my weekend!! Especially with covid I've been looking for things to do and this was definitely my favourite."

"I loved all the teachers classes it was so much fun working with them because there all teens and it’s kinda a little bit more fun when teens are teaching you"

"I loved my weekend I didn’t want it to end"

"My favourite part of the weekend was to meet teachers that I knew and looked up to before the weekend and meeting teachers I haven't heard of and got to know and learn about their vibe and styles."

"Hurry up and make another weekend!"

"I would love to see more of journey, because I think that this experience should be shared with every dancer, I'd want them to feel exactly like I did when I was in journey, and I'm proud to say that I was one of the first of 60 people, who began this amazing journey!!!"

"Thank you so much for class, it was a lot of fun and I loved to continue learning even though the world is kinda chaotic right now thanks to COVID-19"

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